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Ready to Use and Easy to Edit Histology PPT Drawing Diagrams for PowerPoint Presentation

* All diagrams are vector illustrations
* Placed in PPT slides already
* Scale to any size without loss of resolution
* Freely change colors, lines, and shapes
* Windows & Mac compatible
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Slide Set: 100 Editable PPT Drawing Diagrams
Format: PowerPoint (PPT)



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Content Overview:
100 PPT slides include a variety of pre-designed and fully editable Histology drawing diagrams.

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Simple cuboidal epitheliumSimple columnar epitheliumStratified squamous epithelium
Pseudostratified columnar epitheliumEpitheliumEpithelium
EpitheliumEpitheliumIntercellular junctions - tight junction
Intercellular junctions - zonula adherensIntercellular junctions - Macula adherens desmosomeIntercellular junctions - gap junction
CiliaSingle secretory cellsStraight tubular gland
Coiled tubular glandBranched glandBrain
NeuronNeuron multipolarNeuron bipolar
Neuron pseudounipolarNeuroglial cells - AstrocyteNeuroglial cells - Oligodendrocyte
Neuroglial cells - Microglial cellSynthesis and storage of neurotransmitter small moleculesSynthesis and storage of neurotransmitter peptides
Neuromuscular junctionMyelin sheath and node of RanvierSaltatory conduction
Smooth muscleSkeletal muscleCardiac muscle
MuscleArrangement of myofilaments in the sarcomere - relaxed stateArrangement of myofilaments in the sarcomere - contracted state
Myosin and actin protein moleculesMyosin and actin protein moleculesBone
Hematopoiesis in HumansErythrocyteMast cell
MonocyteMacrophageT lymphocyte B lymphocyte
Plasma cellLymph nodes and vesselsLymph node
Lymph node shellSpleenHeart
Muscular arteryMicrovasculatureCapillary - continuous
Capillary - fenestratedTrachea - bronchi - lungsLung alveoli
Diffusion of CO2ToothDigestive tract
Structure of the digestive tractGallbladder pancreas duodenumHepatocyte
HepatocyteHepatic lobuleHepatic lobule
Pituitary glandThyroid glandThymus
Adrenal glandsUrinary systemKidney
Loop of HenleLoop of HenleCountercurrent multiplier hypothesis
Countercurrent multiplier hypothesisCountercurrent exchanger systemJuxtaglomerular apparatus JGA
Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone systemMale reproductive systemMale reproductive system
SpermFemale reproductive systemFemale reproductive system
Fertilization and implantationFertilizationBlastocyst
BlastocystBreastBreast lobule
Skin hair follicleEyeCochlea and spiral organ
Membranous labyrinth
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