PPT Drawing Tool kit - Molecular Cell Biology

PowerPoint Drawing Toolkit Molecular Cell Biology   PPT Drawing Toolkit -
Molecular Cell Biology

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Ready to Use and Easy to Edit Molecular Cell Biology PPT Drawing Diagrams for PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide Set: 412 Editable PPT Drawing Diagrams
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Content Overview:
412 PPT slides include a variety of pre-designed and fully editable Molecular Cell Biology drawing diagrams.

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Stem cell proliferationReplication bubbleDNA hybridization - nonpairing interactions
DNA hybridization - pairing interactionsDNA branch migration - spontaneousDNA branch migration - protein-directed
Polymerase chain reaction PCRPCR a single gene is copiedMolecular cloning
Molecular cloningOutline of a microarray analysisA way of using chip technology in DNA sequencing
DNA microarrays and chipscDNA microarray assay for gene expressionOutline of a proteomic experiment
Southern blotSouthern blotZoo blot
Northern blotNorthern blotWestern blot
Nuclease protection analysis of chromatin from human nucleiAgarose gel electrophoresis Separation of DNA and RNA molecules of different lengthsActivity of DNA polymerases
Activity of nucleasesActivity of ligasesSeparation of DNA molecules by Agarose gel electrophoresis
Methods for scoring an RFLP-Southern hybridizationMethods for scoring an RFLP-PCRConventional and non-conventional Agarose gel electrophoresis
Gel stretching and molecular combingFluorescent in situ hybridizationThe radiation hybrid mapping of the mouse genome
Radiation hybridsPolyacrylamide gel electrophoresisConstruction of a human genomic DNA library
Obtaining single-stranded DNA by cloning in a bacteriophage MI3 vectorChain termination DNA sequencingOne way of using PCR to prepare template DNA for chain termination sequencing
Different types of primer for chain termination sequencingThe chemical degradation sequencing methodThermal cycle sequencing
Automated DNA sequencing with fluorescently labeled dideoxynucleotidesPyrosequencingChromosome walking
Chromosome walking by PCRCombinatorial screening of clones in microtiter traysClone fingerprinting techniques-Restriction fingerprint
Clone fingerprinting techniques-Repeat DNA fingerprintClone fingerprinting techniques-Repetitive DNA PCRClone fingerprinting techniques-STS content mapping
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