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Ready-to-Use Biology & Medicine Illustration Toolkits

Why spend all your time drawing diagrams and figures for your presentations and publications? We've done it for you. Thousands of professionally designed biological and medical illustrations help you save time and effort to illustrate quality presentations and publications. These high-quality vector graphics can be re-sized to any size without loss of resolution. They are transparent, color changeable, and separable. In addition, they are placed in PowerPoint for your convenience. To learn more, view User Guide - How to Use Illustration Toolkits.

Ready to Use

Illustrations are placed in PowerPoint for your convenience. Using them requires copy/paste only. No installation is needed.


Illustrations are vector graphics. You are able to scale to any size without loss of the display resolution. No blurred images anymore.


Color Changeable

You are able to freely change filling colors and lines to fit your slide theme.



Illustrations are transparent and can fit any background.


You are able to pull out drawing components to create your own illustrations.


Illustration Toolkits
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What our customers say:

Creating the perfect diagram that allows one to communicate an idea effectively is so important for the scientific process. The collection of images provided by Motifolio makes that important task so much easier. The images themselves are elegant and easy to work with and the collection contains most of what a biomedical scientist would like to include in a drawing.
Dr. Hansen, Univ of Florida, USA

The Motifolio images are incredibly versatile and flexible, allowing faculty to create unique images in support of both research and pedagogy. Students benefit greatly from the use of such images in my behavioral neuroscience courses and I believe that these images enhance their learning of the material.
Dr. Flint, Jr., The College of Saint Rose, USA

Thank you for providing such presentation toolkits that have such high quality graphics, and are so easy to customize. I have been doing medical presentations for over decade and have never come across anything close to what you offer. I also like that you periodically upgrade and add to the toolkits. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Collins, Naturopathic Doctorate, USA
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Tips: Save PowerPoint Slides as 300 DPI High Resolution Image Files for Publications

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